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American candy mystery bundle £20

American candy mystery bundle £20

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Do you love a bit of a mystery? Not a fussy person? Then why not try one of our mystery bundles. Filled with a selection of American products. 
brands may include warheads, nerds, takis, brain licker and so much more. 
you will get a £20 bundle of candy which may also include drinks/crisps but they are chosen at random so there is no guarantee of what you will receive. 

*please not this item is non returnable if you don’t like them items you have received. 
Each box is different so no two will be the exact same. 

Allergy Advice 

may Contain milk, Sulphites, 

Soya, Wheat and may 

Contain traces of nuts  

Including peanuts. 

If you have any allergy concerns 

Please contact us before placing you 



Please note : We follow good hygiene practices in our kitchen however, whilst our products may not identify a specific allergen as an ingredient, due to our wide range of ingredients used in our kitchen, foods may be at risk of cross contamination by other ingredients. Please contact us for further information.

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